Develop for Independence

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Domeniere is simple and easy to learn. With the included Command-Line Interface, you can get started in seconds.


Domeniere helps keep your architecture simple and clean, helping you stay productive.


Domeniere makes no assumptions as to which Framework, Database, or external services you are using.

# Meet DomeniereJS

DomeniereJS Snippet Code DomeniereJS helps you develop applications independent of any specific framework. This makes it possible to quickly and easily migrate from one technology stack to another as your application needs change.

# What's Wrong with Frameworks?

Nothing! We love using frameworks. It is just that frameworks have a tendency to lock us into their ecosystem, making it really expensive to migrate when it no longer satisfies our needs. We believe that frameworks, while they are very helpful, are nothing more than tools. We believe that it should be easy to migrate to another technology stack as your needs change.

# How Does DomeniereJS Help?

With DomeniereJS, you create independent application libraries that can easily be adopted to any framework or environment. Any dependencies your apps need, such as Database capabilities, geolocation services, and much more, can all be passed into your application libraries at startup.

You can learn more by reading the Documentation.